The Central Muse Division Poetry Group On Facebook

The Central Muse Division Poetry Group On Facebook

Poetry is for everybody

~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We originally opened the THE CENTRAL MUSE DIVISION a private, fun, mockery group called Poets Who Hate Poets as a safe place for writers/poets to share their work, experiment with it as well without trolls or negative energy. There are alot of great open poetry groups tho if you want to join a public group. We wanted to create a safe haven that’s just about the work that isn’t exclusive but a haven for all writers. Feel free to join & post your poems in an atmosphere where it’s non judgemental. It also might act as a great place for all those just starting out with sharing their poetry as well. We don’t allow critics (faux critics) or trolls or the degredation or attacks on all those who truly care about authentic poetry.

No Trolls Allowed
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